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Soccer-mural tarps in place at Qwest (Updated)

I'm at cold but not snowy Qwest Field, where the Sounders are out on the pitch training.

However, what's caught my eye are the tarps that are now stretched across the upper deck and end zones. The upper deck tarps -- which you can actually see a bit from I-5 -- are sort of a deep blue with huge lighter-blue soccer images, most notably a keeper playing a ball above his head. The end zone tarps are rave green and feature Sounders logos. The tarp that will go over the Hawks Nest end zone side aren't on yet. However, that part of the seating are is now lines with international flags along the outside railings.

Add about 27,000 fans and the place should look pretty good.

(Update, I've added video now, as well as a new post above.)