Sounders Insider

Sounders-Seahawks share Qwest comfortably

Back when the Sounders schedule first came out, the first thing that jumped out was how front-loaded the home schedule was.

The assumption was that was because the soccer team shares Qwest Field with the NFL Seahawks, and they wanted to keep most autumn weekends clear for the NFL team.

The Seahawks schedule is out now, and well, mission accomplished.

There is only one weekend when the teams share the stadium: when the Sounders meet the Revolution on Aug. 20 and the Seahawks host the Broncos in a preseason game Aug. 22.

The Sounders have only three regular-season home games after that: Aug. 29 vs. Toronto, Sept. 19 vs. Chivas, and Oct. 24 vs. FC Dallas ... and the Seahawks are off or away each of those weeks.

The Seahawks also are out of town on Nov. 22, when Qwest hosts the MLS Cup. (However, the Seahawks have one home game -- Nov. 8 -- between the end of the MLS regular season and MLS Cup ... meaning while the MLS playoffs are going on.)