Sounders Insider

FC update, trivia quiz (answered) & NY pitch

The Sounders are off today. But I did have a Sounders update in the paper today, which might have been lost a bit amid the Fredy Montero news.

And even with no player or coach availabilities today, I will have more Sounders coverage in the paper today: taking a look at red cards, yellow cards and just soccer fouls in general.

And in doing that story, I took at look at the Sounders statistics on fouls committed and was surprised to see who is at the top.

So -- honor system, no checking -- what Sounder do you think has committed the most fouls so far this season? I'll add this: Even he was surprised when I told him.

Meanwhile, I thought the other interesting MLS news of the day was the topping off of the new soccer-specific stadium being built by the New York Red Bulls. Like it or not, fair or unfair, it simply helps a league to have a strong presence in New York, and the Red Bulls/Metrostars haven't provided much of that so far.

This stadium can only help, although at 25,000 seats, I guess they don't think even a new stadium will allow them to draw what the Sounders are drawing.