Sounders Insider

Reserves wore blue; Sounders should rave on

I forgot to mention yesterday -- worse, I forgot to take a picture -- but the Sounders reserves wore the blue jerseys/green shorts combination yesterday against Portland.

This was my first in-person look at the blues, since the Sounders have worn their rave green in all league games so far. (Here's a link to the Sounders site video from the December fashion show that unveiled the uniforms.)

(I realize half of you have clicked to another site by now... or perhaps tossed your computers against a wall. This post is just for the other half ... the half that cares anything about kits/sports uniforms.)

My advice to the Sounders: Rave on. There's nothing really wrong with the blue. I just think that rave green is so distinct that it is becoming their instantly recognizable look unless they gunk it up by rotating, as even many long established franchises around the world are doing.

(Plus, many fans have invested in rave green clothing, and really, what other occasion calls for rave green clothing?)

Finally, there's just too many teams wearing blue in MLS already. But there's only one wearing rave green ... or any shade of green, for that matter. That's an advantage for any team, but especially a first-year team still forging an identity.