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Wizards (and ex-Wizards) in the Emerald City

(Actually, that whole "Wizard of Oz" thing would work a bit better if the team was located in Kansas instead of Missouri, but I guess that's a quibble.)

(Besides, it's such an upgrade from the club's first try -- anyone remember the Kansas City Wiz? Was there really no one in the marketing department willing to raise his hand and say, "You know, maybe it's just me, but ...")

(For that matter, anyone remember KC's old rainbow-themed crests and unis?)

Anyway, my story in the TNT today talks with Sounders' technical director Chris Henderson, who was a key part of KCW's 2000 MLS-champions.

However, there are a couple of other former Wizards now wearing rave green. Here are some of their thoughts that didn't make the paper.

TAYLOR GRAHAM, who played in KC from 2003-2004.

On if he had this date circled:
"It's just another game in terms of the game. It's special to see friends. I was doing the math the other day. I think there's four guys still on the team from when I was there. Jack Jewsbury and I were drafted the same year and were roommates essentially for two years, so I'm excited to see him. Davy Arnaud was a year above me, but we were good friends there too. And Jimmy Conrad and Josh Wolff were the other two guys."

TYSON WHAL, who was taken from KC in the expansion draft

On whether he's had the date circled:
"I haven't had it circled with any bad wishes or bad hopes. I'm just excited to see the guys either before of after the game. And I'm just looking forward to another home game for our team. I think the guys are pretty excited to come back after getting a road win and come home to our home fans."

On if he was surprised that KC made him available: "I knew it was going to be close. My coaches informed me that they were going to be meeting. I was going into the expansion draft kind of open-minded, I guess. I ended on a pretty good note there, and I knew that there was maybe a chance that some team would be interested. And I knew Henderson from his years with the Wizards, so I felt that there was even more of possiblity. And it happened."

On how the move is working out for him: "We have a great team. We're playing well. We have a great atmosphere to play in. The program is well supported by the ownership group and everything like that. Me, myself personally, I'm trying to fight my way into some playing time. But as a whole, yeah, it's been a great experience."