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Do you like soccer ... but not MLS?

Then you're apparently the fan that MLS commissioner Don Garber wants to convert.

Here's an item on the subject from the New York Times soccer blog (originally passed along by JoePublic in a blog comment below). However, I thought the blog was off base in interpreting Garber's remarks as blaming fans. It seems to me that Garber was simply taking a stand in a very basic question the league faces: Should it try to convert America's baseball, football, basketball and hockey fans into soccer fans, or can the league survive and flourish by turning soccer fans into MLS fans.

In any case, it's an interesting topic for discussion. Certainly among the Sounders fans who read this blog. But it also would be especially interesting to hear from the folk who maybe enjoy playing soccer, or who enjoy youth games, or who follow the national team or who wake up early to watch EPL games ... but don't follow MLS.

Why? And what would it take to bring you in? Etc.?