Sounders Insider

More players coming ... more adjustments, too?

The Sounders are off the practice pitch for another day.

No big news today, except for the sight of more and more once-injured Sounders suddenly looking more and more healthy.

"Jarrod Smith, Peter Vagenas and Taylor Graham are all getting closer," coach Sigi Schmid said. "I think fitness-wise, Peter's the one who's probably furthest behind at this stage. Jarrod can do everything, except sometimes when he does repetitive shooting then sometimes he still feels tightness in his quad now. Outside of that, I think he's pretty much back. And Taylor Graham, it's just a matter of getting his timing. I think we're pretty close to getting healthy."

Those are players who can contribute, so there's little doubt that their return is a good thing. But considering one of the Sounders top issues over the past couple of week -- the past couple of winless, scoreless weeks -- has been working Fredy Montero and Freddie Ljungberg into the same lineup, I asked Schmid if a similar adjustment period will follow as each of these injured players returns to the pitch.

"Certain positions are easier to put players into," he said. "If you take out a goalkeeper and put in a goalkeeper it's a little bit different. … There's cohesion you need, but it's a different thing. If there's an outside back and you put in another outside back again it's a different thing. Even sometimes a central defender. If when you monkey with the offensive aspect of it, that's where it's a little more fine-tuning. It's a little easier to destroy than to create. And when you're talking about the creative functions within your team now, it takes a little bit of time, it takes a little bit of fine-tuning, it takes a little bit of understanding that becomes an innate understanding, and I think people will find that quality as they play more and more together."