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Brad Evans talks midfield ... and eye candy

As you may have heard, is running an "Eye Candy" section featuring 15 of the best-looking young players in MLS -- one from each team.

The Sounders FC selection is midfielder Brad Evans.

I talked to Evans about it a bit today, and he admitted a little embarrassment about the whole thing, but he was being a good sport.

When I first asked him about it, he said, "They just chose random guys from every team."

Except it wasn't really a random selection. The Sounders media relations office picked Evans because of his looks, then had him pose for a picture at Fort Dent Park, and that shot is now online at CosmoGirl.

"(He) just said, "We need to take a picture of you,'" Evans said. "I said, "OK." He said, 'It's going online.' I said, "For what?" "Cosmogirl." "What is Cosmogirl?" He said, "You'll see."

I asked Evans if his teammates have heard about it, and he responded, "Let's say they have."

However, Evans -- who turned 24 on Monday -- is putting up with it all because MLS players understand that their young league benefits from being in the public eye.

"Any publicity for the league is good publicity," Evans said. "If it starts there on the Web the more publicity the better, you grow the attention, you grow whatever you can really. It's all in good fun."

I also talked a little soccer with Evans ... mostly about his move from center-mid to outside mid to accommodate Freddy Ljungberg. Once again. Evans was willing to do what needs to be done to help his team.

We also talked to Sigi Schmid a little about moving Evans out to the wing.

"I thought our spacing and positioning was OK on Saturday," Schmid said. "Brad tucked in a little bit more, which is what we wanted from the week before. So if you compare the 90 against Chivas to the 30 that we played 11 against 11 against Kansas City, I thought our defensive shape was much better and I think our shape overall was much better. And again I thought we created a lot of things going forward that were right on the edge of the final third that didn't come off or result in anything. It's more of an emphasis of that then I think the shaping in midfield."

I have a short story on all this in the Wednesday paper.