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SSFC loses, 2-0; postgame discussion (updated)

Here's our game story.

And here's some reaction from the Sounders:


On Chivas

Chivas is a good team, they're a solid team. I thought it was a very physical game, and I thought the referee allowed it to be played physically… but they're a good passing team, they don't make many positional errors, and they were pretty solid defensively.

On how the game could've gone differently:

I thought we had a chance right at the end of the first half where Zach Thornton came up with a save on the near post off the cross from Nate Jaqua; we could've made it 1-1 there. I thought in the second half we had a couple of opportunities. Steve Zakuani provided us a couple of opportunities on the left, and got in behind their defense, so I think we're getting there, we're just missing the final pass, and as I said, we're missing our ability to sustain our attack when we attack them. It seemed like once our attack ended, and once they got the ball, then we had to go all the way back into our defensive third before we could attack again.

On Montero's chip in the first half:

Obviously, he saw Zach [Thornton] come off the line, he thought he could chip him and he did chip him, but he put the ball wide. I know as a forward, you think, 'maybe I could've hit the ball hard and low and slipped it past him,' but the main thing is, at that moment in the game, where if we have a chance to go up 1-0, it changes the entire complexion of the game.


On the match:

I'm upset we didn't win. We started well and had a great chance with Freddy in the first half. Maybe on the first goal we could've done a little better on the through ball that came in, and stuff like that, but that's how it is. We probably kept the ball well. They defended well, especially the second half. They broke on us and got the second goal when we tried to push for an equalizer.

On returning home to face San Jose:

We have some small mistakes. When you play on the road, away from home, you don't get a lot of chances. When you get a clear-cut chance, you've got to put it away. It's as simple as that, and then you can relax the game and it's easier to play possession. That's how it is. You won't get as many chances away from home as you get at home. So you have to put them away.


On his MLS debut performance:

They didn't have a lot of shots on goal, but I had a lot to do with my feet, and… I got used to talking to my defenders in a louder environment. Unfortunately the two good chances they did have on us… resulted in goals.

On the first goal, an own-goal by James Riley:

I made the decision to stay and adjust myself into position… getting ready for the ball to be cut back across the goal. As I saw the ball get cut across the goal, I saw a couple guys try to kick the ball out and it looked like one of our guys hit it in the net. I made the decision to stay and not come out for that ball, it got put back in and that's a tough ball to defend. When the ball is on the line like that, about 12-14 yards out, and its being cut back it's difficult to defend. Everyone's running back onto it, the forwards and defenders.

Chivas (4-0-1) increases its lead in the West, going to 13 points on the season, while Seattle (3-2-0) stays stuck at nine

Colorado also will pass the Sounders if the Rapids win at Houston on Sunday.

Chivas remains one of three unbeaten teams in the league as New England and Chicago both had draws this weekend.

Chivas also passed Seattle for the league in goals allowed. Chivas has given up two, Seattle three.

Kasey Keller might have gotten to that final goal -- we'll never know -- but the keeper issue didn't seem crucial in today's result.

The Sounders haven't scored in 225 minutes -- since Steve Zakuani's clean-up goal in front of the Toronto goal just before halftime in Canada two weeks ago.

Speaking of Zakuani, I thought it looked dazzling again today. The Sounders are 0-2 since he was taken out of the lineup to make way for Fredy & Freddie, but I think Schmid has to find a way to get him back out there from the start.

The Sounders return home next weekend, meeting San Jose at 7:30 Saturday at Qwest Field.

Very impressive display of rave green by fans who travled to Home Depot Center tonight, too. It looked like they were having fun, although more earlier than later.

Final: Chivas, 2-0.

The Red and White put it away in the 84th minute on a counter as Seattle was pushing numbers forward to try and get the equalizer.

Steve Zakuani had an impressive last 45 minutes, starting the second half for Sebastien Le Toux.

Halftime: Chivas, 1-0.

The Sounders had a pair of good chances -- one early from Fredy Montero, one late from Sebastien Le Toux. But the only damage so far is an own-goal by James Riley who slid into the ball near the goal after Chivas got through the Sounders defense and into the penalty area.

A couple of things that we wrote about during the week are coming into play:

1. The grass. Both teams are slipping around in a way we haven't see so far this season.

2. The fouls. Chivas has 10 first-half fouls, I think, are battering the Sounders around and seem to be taking them out of their fluid offensive game

On thing that we wrote a lot about this week hasn't been a real factor yet: the goalkeeper. Chris Eylander hasn't had much to do, and he really didn't have any chance on the own goal.