Sounders Insider

Saturday comes: Sounders at Fire, 5:30 p.m.

Here's my game preview from this morning. Here's one from the Chicago Sun-Times.

Weather doesn't seem like it will be a factor.

By the way, I also received a note from some Sounders fans who will be watching the game from O'Henrys sports bar in Puyallup, and they invite anyone 21 or older to join them. Contact Joel Mailand for more information:

O'Henry's is located at 715 River Road in Puyallup.

Meanwhile, I'll be watching from home and will keep the blog open for comments. I'll also pop in with some halftime and postgame observations. Hope you will too.

Meanwhile, some other interesting games dot the league schedule today.

There's New York at Los Angeles, featuring the two big-media-market teams that could probably help MLS by fielding decent teams ... but alas.

There's Columbus at Toronto, which could be as interesting off the pitch as on. You may recall that there was a parking lot incident with helicopters and mace and arrests in the earlier game when Reds fans traveled to Columbus.

And then there's that other scoreboard that Sounders FC fans will be watching as West-leading Chivas visits San Jose.