Sounders Insider

No Sounders news today; but opinions welcome

The Sounders are off today, and therefore no news is expects out of Tukwila today. However, that gives us a good day to discuss some of that's been going on with the team recently.

Here's Dave Boling's column from today which notes what may be soccer's growing problem with flopping, but also notes the Sounders' advantage of having straight-talking advocate like Sigi Schmid in their corner.

Here's John McGrath's column on what he sees as soccer's problem with draws. And while I think it's a great conversation starter, I don't agree with John. Draws don't represent a non-result. A draw is a result -- sometimes a fair one and sometimes, as Schmid noted, there are good draws and bad draws. The idea that MLS teams have to draw three times to get the benefit in the standings of a single win should be enough to give incentive to play for the win. The Sounders have had an odd couple of weeks in that they've played Chicago and LA -- both tie machines -- and tied each. But that shouldn't be an ongoing issue. And if the Sounders draw again this week at Dallas ... well, that will be a bad result.

In any case, here's your chance to talk back to the columnists.

And oh yes, one other matter worthy of comment. As you may have noticed at the bottom of my story today, Sigi Schmid did not commit yesterday to restoring Fredy Montero to the starting 11. My guess is that it's simply Schmid's admitted aversion to tipping his hand regarding lineups ... but ... might it be something else. Is there really any chance -- any team benefit -- to keeping the fowards and midfield intact this week, while being forced to make a change in the back due to Riley's unavailbility?