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Following Sounders down to LA?

If you're planning to follow the Sounders down to their (big) game at Chivas on June 6 or their (Beckham)game at the Galaxy, you are invited to contact a group called SoCal Sound. It's an LA-based Sounders supporters group (regional sub-group of Emerald City Supporters) that is aimed at bringing big crowds to all Sounders games in LA.

Here's some of the info I received from them:

We strive for a lively, but family-friendly atmosphere, singing, standing, beating our drum, and waving our scarves whether our boys are winning, losing, or tied. We require no membership dues, but just encourage people to get to the games and have fun with us. We anticipate having shirts for sale soon. At our first game (4/18 vs Chivas USA), we had 80+ in one section - and it was beautiful!

*More general info about SoCal Sound can be found at:

The main push is for 6/6 Sat 7:30pm in LA (Carson, CA) at the Home Depot Center - vs Chivas USA.

We have set up an arrangement with Alaska Airlines so that flights are at 10% discount *from* any Alaska/Horizon Airlines city *to* any LA area airport 3 days before gameday, including gameday, and 3 days after gameday for the trip home. For the 6/6 game, the discount can only be applied on over-the-phone reservations (because they haven't set-up the web code yet), and they definitely are waiving the normal $15 fee for over-the-phone reservations. Call Alaska group reservations at 1-800-445-4435.

Monday-Friday: 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. (PT); Saturday: 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The code is CMB1000 and will not work on web reservations.

Game Tickets for 6/6 vs Chivas USA- 105 tickets are reserved for SSFC fans. $18 each + $5 per order (not per ticket). Call Julie 310 630 4586

*Note that for this game, it is a possibility that we will have a meet & greet with one of the sounders players after the game. Our Chivas USA ticket rep (Julie) has been in contact with the Sounders FO and has submitted an official request to have one of the players come to meet w/ us after the game. Originally, this was based upon having 80 people, but we've been asking them to consider it regardless of how many we have. We currently have 35 people, and want more!

-We will be meeting at 3 pm on the June 6 gameday in lot 6 of Home Depot Center and encourage everyone to get there around then to meet one another, enjoy some food, and practice our chants.

Game tickets for 8/15: vs. Galaxy - a full 284 tickets (a whole section!) are on hold for Sounders fans. $25 each. These are actually "$50 tickets", but we've been upgraded because we had too many people! We currently have 120 confirmed paid as of a few days ago, and this will be (barring any shenanigans by Beckham) Beckham's 1st MLS game back in LA - and we want to welcome him back. Call Sid: (310)-630-2236. Please refer to the ECS forum ( for pregame meetup info closer to gameday.

*The Socal Sound main base of operations is a "socal sound" sub-forum on the Emerald City Supporters forum.

The forum is the best to get in the middle of things, but our email is