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Memorial Day: Sounders assess first 10 games

Happy Memorial Day. And if there are any veterans reading: Thanks.

The Sounders draw at Colorado ended their first 10 games and exactly the first third of their season. That seemed to make it an appropriate time to take stock of a team that started 3-0 and has gone 1-2-4 since. That's the topic of my story in today's paper. And the bottom line seemed to be that they think the wobbly record of the past seven games reflects injuries, red cards and road games more than any regression by the team. And -- for what it's worth -- they remain one point ahead of the 1998 expansion Chicago Fire and Miami Fusion for the title of best MLS expansion team through 10 games.

Memorial day aside, this isn't a holiday for the Sounders, who will practice at Starfire, getting ready for their U.S. Open Cup match game against Colorado at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Starfire. I'll pop back in with news from that this afternoon.