Sounders Insider

Ljungberg, Scott and Evans status still uncertain

Sounds like the key topic at Sounders training today was the injury situation. Although it doesn't seem like much has been clarified yet regarding the availablity of Freddy Ljungberg, Zack Scott or Brad Evans for Saturday, when Seattle plays a pretty significant game at Colorado.

Here's coach Sigi Schmid:

On Ljungberg's migraine: "We got to take it day-by-day. He's had a history of these. He knows what it takes to come back. He doesn't get them all that often. It's something that usually happens every year to two years. So right now it's just a matter of him knowing his body, and us being careful so that it doesn't become a long-term thing."

On concern about Ljungberg not being ready for the Rapids: "There's always a concern whenever you're missing a player. But the thing that I've learned over coaching over all the years is you focus on the guys who are going to play. We can have post mortems and talk about all the guys who are missing all the time, but then it takes away the focus from what we're trying to do which is prepare for the game. So our preparation and our work and our focus is based upon the guys who are coming to play."

On Scott and Evans' MRIs: "Basically with Brad it's just a pain-tolerance thing. How he does. Like he was in today, his ankle was almost bothering him more than anything else. It's just a day-by-day situation with him. With Zach Scott it's more of an abdominal injury, so just trying to again give it a couple of more days. He'll definitely not be in this weekend. He'll be out this weekend. We want to see, make sure, is it a sports hernia or is it just the abdominal? And that's something that we still need a couple of days to decide… It's good news. It's just he's (Evans), he could be back out trying to do more things tomorrow, or it could be a week, but we doubt it's going to be much longer than that."

On Pete Vagenas being ready: "He played 90 minutes in the other practice game. So I don't know if he's 90 minutes MLS fit at this stage, but I think he's ready to start if we need him."