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Schmid disappointed with draws; injury update

I'm taking a few days off between the game in Dallas last weekend and the game in Colorado this weekend.

However, the Sounders have been kind enough to provide this injury update:

Midfielder Brad Evans is scheduled for an MRI on his left knee on Tuesday. Evans left the FC Dallas game in the 79th minute following a collision with FCD keeper Ray Burse. Evans sustained a mild concussion on the play.

Defender Zach Scott left last week's game in the 18th minute with a groin injury and will see a specialist Tuesday.

Midfielder Freddie Ljungberg is recovering from a migraine last Friday.

Forward Jarrod Smith and midfielder Nathan Sturgis (both hamstring strains) continue to make progress.

Goalkeeper Chris Eylander was placed on injured reserve last week with a left medial knee bone bruise. Eylander will eligible to return to action for the June 20 game at New York.

The Sounders also provided these quotes from coach Sigi Schmid after today's training session at Starfire:

On execution and finishing: "It's a little bit of both. It's obviously the technical execution of striking the ball and meeting the ball, the timing of your runs, etcetera. There's also a mental thing. Sometimes you get into a funk, and for some reason it always seems to get behind you or doesn't hit your foot right or something like that. But it's a combination of both things. Good forwards have amnesia. They can't remember when they miss. And all that they remember is the ones they score. But you also got to have good timing of your runs and good execution."

On the focus going forward: "Focus on two things. We're focused on what we want to achieve as a team, which is one. And the second thing we're focused on is as well that we're basically almost a third into the season, and we're sitting in second place in the west, which I don't think is too bad. But obviously we have our sights set on doing really well and that's just the ambition that we have for ourselves. So we feel disappointed when we have draws, especially when we had an opportunity to put the game away in the first half. And when you don't do that then you allow a team to hang on, and then they have a chance to win in the second half. So we're definitely focused on making sure that we finish better and that we put away the chances that we are creating."

On Brad Evans, Freddie Ljungberg, Nathan Sturgis and Zach Scott's availability: "Really don't know yet. Really don't know. I'll know once we get all the information and so forth. Obviously Sturgis was at practice training today, so that was good. Evans, we just wanted to be cautious today and see what the other examinations shows, and then we'll decide what to do with him tomorrow. And with Freddie we're taking it one day at a time, with Ljungberg as he comes back from it. And Scott, we'll have a better idea after he meets this afternoon. I don't think they all will be back, but I think some of them will be back."

On playing in Colorado's Rocky Mountain high: Obviously you're playing at altitude. But the thing is altitude effects you most in that 48 to 72 hour period. So if you can get in there, and we usually try to get in there so that we're within about 24 hours of the game. And you try and play the game, and get in as late as possible and play the game, and get out. Certainly it's there and it's present. You can't say it's not. But also, the first day of it is less of an impact on your body physically."

On being satisfied with the performances of the players that have stepped in: "Guys have come on and they've played well. Patrick Ianni I thought had a pretty good game. I thought Dave van der Bergh with the exception of a couple of crosses that he hit in the second half really didn't have much of an impact on the game. And he's as good a wide left player as there is in the league, so I was happy with that. Tyson (Wahl) got thrown into the fray obviously without having much benefit of a warm-up. And I thought he was pretty solid as well. And different people have stepped in at different times, whether Seba (Le Toux), (Sanna) Nyassi up front, and all kinds of different people. So that part of it has been very good."

On the importance of having depth: "You have to have depth. And as an expansion team, it's tough to get depth this early. You and try and build it each year, and try and get your team deeper and deeper each year as well…It's always good to get them involved early, so that there ready for games. As the season progresses, you've got people missing games because of yellow card accumulations. Obviously injuries pile up and things like that. It's more than 11 players in order to be successful."