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Alan Hinton on Sounders' four red cards

Four Seattle Sounders have received red cards through 11 games this season -- most recently the one by Tyrone Marshall that is discussed a couple of posts below. (I wrote about that in the Thursday paper.)

Anyway, here is a review of the four and what they may have cost the Sounders. (Quite a bit.)

And since Alan Hinton was at training Wednesday, and since -- as a former English player, NASL Sounders coach and MISL Tacoma Stars coach -- he knows about as much about soccer as anyone I know, I also got his opinion on the appropriateness of each card.


Handball outside the box in a goal-scoring situation.

Result: Sounders lost that night to Kansas City and the next week at Chivas.

Hinton's verdict: "I don't blame the referee for the Kasey Keller deal. I don't blame Kasey either, because Kasey did the right thing. Unfortunately the guy who tried to chip Kasey didn't do a great job with the chip and it hit Kasey on the arm, so that's an automatic red card."


Throwing elbow while leaping for a header.

Result: Sounders tied that day at Chicago and the next week against Los Angeles.

Hinton's verdict: "The Montero deal I thought was harsh." (He thought a yellow would have been right.)


Open-handed swing at back of opponent's neck during melee.

Result: Sounders tied that day against Los Angeles and the following week at FC Dallas.

Hinton's verdict: "You can't do that. I talked to James, and you can't do that. He slapped the guy around the back of the neck. I think James learned from that."


Punch/push/mystery off-camera infraction while struggling for position against Columbus striker.

Result: Sounders tied against Columbus (though red card came in stoppage time), and will play without Marshall at Chivas USA on Saturday.

Hinton's verdict: "I didn't see conclusively. Tyrone apparently just threw his elbow a little bit having been very much provoked by the striker for Columbus. The assistant referee said it was a punch, and it certainly wasn't a punch."