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You gotta love these guys. Or do you?

Certainly, any 3-0 start is going to be more fun for fans than any 1-3-5 swoon that follows. However, even aside from wins and losses (and, of course, draws) has anyone else been a little put off by the Sounders' recent style of play?

I have a column in the Monday paper that sort of grumbles about what I see as a couple of growing and annoying traits: First, the red cards -- some of which can be explained away ... but only to a point. And then there also seems to be the recent and increasing tendency to argue with the refs -- which is unproductive at best and sometimes even counterproductive, as on Saturday when Chivas scored at a time when the Sounders still seemed distracted by a touchline call that went against Freddie Ljungberg.

Sigi Schmid had warned his team about that after the Columbus game. And goalkeeper Kasey Keller picked up on the topic after Chivas.

"It was quick throw-in that we weren't ready for," Keller said of the lone goal. "One guy got behind us and we stopped him, but a second guy game and we didn't have him marked, and he got a good shot in and we didn't follow up on their players crashing the box. It all stemmed from just not being ready on the quick throw. It's been a little bit of a problem of ours that we kind of switch off once in a while on throw-ins and quick set pieces. And that's something we need to clean up out of our game because we're just giving away too many chances on opportunities that shouldn't be opportunities."

Then, after writing my column and reading that quote, I noticed ciscokid making a similar point in the comments section of the blog post below.

So, I guess I'm wondering if there is a growing feeling out there that the Sounders are developing an attitude that is tarting up their once-beautiful game. And even more interestingly, if Schmid still thinks so, what's he going to do about it now that his first public complaints have been ignored?