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Sounders broadcasts (& ESPN2 semibroadcast)

Some interesting comments down below on the U.S. men's national team. So, with the Sounders in New York and little news expected until their 4:30 kickoff tomorrow, I thought I'd try to get your thoughts on another topic that seems a particular hot-button issue this week: Sounders/MLS/soccer broadcast coverage.

Before setting the stage, let me mention that I just received this note from the Sounders:

Beginning today at 11 a.m., the D.C. United at Seattle Sounders FC game from Wednesday night will be aired in its entirety for free on It will start out on the media wall like a highlight, then move to the video archive late today:

And that, I assume, is the league's condolence card to Sounders fans who got only the final 30 minutes (certainly not the 30 minutes any Sounders fan wanted to watch) of the game against DC United on Wednesday.

I'm sure Greg Roth from Next Season Sports speaks for many with this column ... as does this wonderful to-the-point line from a derekyoung post below:

PS ESPN, you are dead to me.

So, with with all of that going on, I thought this might be a pretty good time to offer you guys a forum to share your thoughts. However, this is a topic where I can't contribute much, because I'm usually at the games live and don't get to see or hear them much.

I'll just assume that no one was happy about getting force-fed Virginia-Arkansas baseball when Sounders-DC United was promised. (Although amid the criticism, there also was some praise. Granted, for only 80 seconds of the broadcast, but praise nonetheless. Anyone else notice this?)

But asside from the ESPN2 SNAFU, any thoughts on the MLS national package? Or the local radio/TV game broadcasts and pre- and post-game shows? How's Kevin Calabro doing with the shift from Sonics to soccer? Etc.?

I will say this, I do like Lisa Gangel's "Sounders FC Weekly" wrap-up show Sunday evenings on KONG, which is a very good combination of Sounders highlights, league highlights, and Sounders news and features.

And I have noticed that KJR hosts Groz & Gas and Ian Furness and Softy seem to be increasing their Sounders/soccer talk.

Take it away.