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Postgame discussion: Keller goes off after 3-3 draw

If it's any consolation, you're not the only one frustrated by the Sounders 3-3 draw, with victory slipping away on an own-goal by Tyrone Marshall in the closing minutes.

Coach Sigi Schmid made his frustrations known -- politely. Kasey Keller did too -- but didn't bother with the diplomacy.

"Our lack of discipline is killing us, and from multiple things," Keller said. "You don't pick and choose when you mark a guy, you don't pick and choose when you run with your runner, you don't pick and choose when you decide to make a run and put pressure on the ball. You do all the hard work, 3-1 at home, you close up shop. And instead we just don't have the discipline to do it, we don't have the discipline to say, 'Ok, I'm not going to go forward this time, I'm not going to try to flick a ball over somebody's head and do something special, I'm going to do my job and make sure this stays 3-1 at the very least.' Until that comes into our game, we're going to throw games away.

"The game's pretty simple, and unfortunately we want to make it extremely complicated. If I was neutral, I'd have thought, yeah, that's a great game. But unfortunately there's 28,000 non-neutrals in the stands today and we played like, 'Hey, you attack, we'll attack.' No, it doesn't work that way. You're winning, so win the game. Mistakes are going to happen, that's all part of the game, but it's the little things that you have to just keep doing every time, every time. You don't get to take a vacation halfway through a play, 'No, I'm a little tired, I'm not going to run this time.' Every time you do your job and unfortunately we're switching off at times and it's killing us right now. We're paying the price for it."

Since journalists are keen observers of human nature, one of us suggested that Keller sounded frustated.

"Extremely frustrated," he said. "We score three goals at home, we could have scored 10, and we throw a game away in the 87th minute when we should have quite comfortably won this 4-1, because they should have been pushing and we should have been disciplined enough to hit them on a counter and get the fourth one instead of throwing two goals away. Simple as that, there's no excuse. We rightfully got booed off the field at the end of the game. It's inexcusable."

He was asked if it was the toughest result of the season.

"No, we've had a couple of others, but still, this is up there, because like I said, you're 3-1 up at home, you're creating lots of chances," Keller said. "I wouldn't have cared if we would have not created one more chance the rest of the game, that's the mentality. Fine if they give us something, great, if they don't, we close up shop and it's over. We clear the ball when it has to be cleared, we tackle when we have to tackle, I run with my guy, I bite, I scratch to get a result. No, I'm not going to run with him because if it breaks down, then I'm going to have a better chance to go forward and maybe score the fourth goal. It doesn't work that way. You're going to get found out, and we've been found out tonight.

Then Keller got to his bottom line: "Hopefully people will learn from it, and if they don't then hopefully they'll be gone and we'll find somebody else who will do a disciplined job."

Schmid was little happier.

"Hats off to them, they played with a lot of energy and they kept pushing the issue," he said. "But once Montero scored to make it 3-1 I think we had three good chances … to make it 4-1. If you make it 4-1 we all close up shop and we go home happy. But we didn't do that.

"It doesn't feel good. This was a game that we should have won tonight, and we should have won it going away. We should have never given up the goal in the first half because they really had nothing in the first half. And then we battled back – Alonso scored an unbelievable goal – but again we had enough chances to do it. It's very deflating when a team comes back and ties you like that."

Scoring Summary:

DC -- Chris Pontius 4 (Santino Quaranta 6) 34

SEA -- Osvaldo Alonso 1 (James Riley 2, Brad Evans 1) 38

SEA -- own goal (Marc Burch) 45

SEA -- Fredy Montero 6 (unassisted) 57

DC -- Christian Gomez 3 (unassisted) 63

DC -- own goal (Tyrone Marshall) 87

D.C. United -- Josh Wicks, Bryan Namoff, Dejan Jakovic, Marc Burch, Andrew Jacobson (Christian Gomez 46), Clyde Simms, Rodney Wallace, Fred (Ange N'Silu 21), Chris Pontius, Santino Quaranta, Luciano Emilio (Thabiso Khumalo 73).

Substitutes Not Used: Greg Janicki, Avery John, Milos Kocic, Ben Olsen.

TOTAL SHOTS: 10 (Chris Pontius 3); SHOTS ON GOAL: 3 (Chris Pontius 2); FOULS: 17 (3 tied with 3); OFFSIDES: 0; CORNER KICKS: 4 (Santino Quaranta 4); SAVES: 7 (Josh Wicks 7)

Seattle Sounders FC -- Kasey Keller, James Riley, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Tyrone Marshall, Tyson Wahl, Freddie Ljungberg (Stephen King 77), Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans, Sebastien Le Toux, Nate Jaqua (Patrick Ianni 85), Fredy Montero (Steve Zakuani 66).

Substitutes Not Used: Sanna Nyassi, Nathan Sturgis, Peter Vagenas, Ben Dragavon.

TOTAL SHOTS: 17 (Fredy Montero 6); SHOTS ON GOAL: 9 (Fredy Montero 3); FOULS: 6 (Nate Jaqua 2); OFFSIDES: 3 (Nate Jaqua 2); CORNER KICKS: 5 (Freddie Ljungberg 3); SAVES: 1 (Kasey Keller 1)

Misconduct Summary:

DC -- Dejan Jakovic (caution; Reckless Tackle) 84

DC -- Bryan Namoff (caution; Delaying a Restart) 92+

Referee: Ricardo Salazar

Referee's Assistants: -Fabio Tovar; Darren Clark

4th Official: Jasen Anno

Attendance: 29,104

Time of Game: 1:52

Weather: Partly Cloudy-and-69-degrees

Final: This has to be frustrating for the Sounders, who seemed to have the three points in their pocket before an own-goal snatched it from them.

Sounders go to 5-3-6 and 21 points; United to 5-2-8 and 23 points.

I'll be back with notes and quotes.

Meanwhile, how'd it look to you? (The soccer, I mean, not the baseball.)

(By the way, ESPN2 will replay the entire soccer game starting at 10 p.m.)

88th minute: Tyrone Marshall heads a cross into his own net. 3-3.

63rd minute: Christian Gomez steals the ball on the Sounders end and releases a quick hard shot low and wide of Keller. Sounders, 3-2.

57th minute: Long pass from Jaqua to Fredy Montero in lots of space. Montero carries into the box, jukes past Marc Burch, ignores a great long run by Ljungberg and finishes himself, curving a low ball into the far corner. Sounders, 3-1.

Stoppage time: Fredy Montero rolls the ball into the penalty area to Nate Jaqua, who's weak shot was redirected off the ankle of DC's Marc Burch and into the net. It has been ruled an own goal. Sounders up, 2-1 at half.

Are you guys getting the game feed yet? Will someone please let me know when they switch/switched to soccer from baseball?

38th minute: Sounders answer with what has to be a contender for goal of the year: Osvaldo Alonso crushing one for 28 yards into the top-right corner.

34th minute: Long cross from Santino Quaranta is vollied in from Chris Pontiues.

Kickoff: We're about to get going. Sounders in usual green/blue, DC in black/black.

Golden scarf: Tonight's golden scarf goes to former Seahawks goal Mike Holgren and his wife, Kathy. Meanwhile, also being honored tonight are Lauren Jackson and the rest of the WNBA's Seattle Storm.

Lineups: With this as the middle game of three games in eight days, it was easy enough to figure that the lineup might be tweaked a bit. And now that we see it, the most notable tweak is the absence of midfielder Steve Zakuani.

Here's the Sounders: GK Keller, D Riley, Hurtado, Marshall, Wahl; M Ljungberg, Alonso, Evans, Le Toux; F Jaqua, Montero.

For United (in a 3-4-3): GK Wicks; D Namoff, Jakovic, Burch; M Jacobson, Simms, Wallace, Fred; F Pontius, Quaranta, Emilio.

Pregame: Wow, it seems like I was just here a few days ago...

Right now -- 45 minutes before kick -- the Sounders are out on the field getting loose. And former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is out on a corner of the pitch.

In any case: normal gameday plan. I'll pop in here with lineups and any other pregame news. Then click back with in-game updates. Then back after with notes and quotes. Comments always welcome.

Kickoff is 7:30. Game is sold out, but one ESPN2.