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Club or country: Sounders ponder Sunday bump

I received notes from a couple of readers pointing out that the USA's amazing win in the Confederation Cup semifinals puts them in a bind for the final.

The championship game against either Brazil or South Africa will kicks off at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, while the Sounders game at Qwest Field against Colorado kicks off at 1.

So, as one writer put it: "Club or country? I would rather not make that call."

So the suggestion has been made, why not move the Sounders game back an hour or so?

I ran that by the Sounders today, and they say they're at least exploring the possibility.

However, there are so many parties involved -- the league, the broadcasters, the visiting team, stadium workers -- that they didn't seem to think it would happen.

More likely, they'll try to get permission to show the US game on Qwest's big screens before kickoff, so fans can watch that way. However, under present timing, the Cup final wouldn't be finished by the time the Sounders are scheduled to start. And you can imagine the groans involved in switching away from, say, a even USA-Brazil match in the final minutes. (On the other end of the spectrum, the Sounders seem to think there's no point in trying to ignore the Cup final so that fans can tape it and get home to watch without knowing the result.)

So, bottom line: No decision yet. They're aware of the conflict and thinking about ways around it. But they don't seem convinced that there is any good way around it that doesn't annoy as many fans as it helps.

Obviously, we'll keep you posted.