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Postgame discussion: USA-Spain

I'm not going to give the score here out of respect for those of you who worked today and taped or TiVo'd for later.

However, if you don't want to know the result yet, read no further

USA took a 2-0 win over Spain this afternoon to advance to the Confederations Cup final Sunday against the winner of the Brazil-South Africa game tomorrow.

A game story should be showing up at the U.S. Soccer site.

The U.S. -- which appeared dead in the competition after ugly opening losses to Italy and Brazil, bounced back to outscore Egypt and Spain by a combined 5-0 heading into the final.

Today's result ended a 35-game undefeated run by No. 1-ranked Spain.

Taylor Graham's appearance on "The Price is Right" today was as a spokesman, not a contentant. Graham spoke about the city and the Sounders as part of a showcase including a private jet to Seattle, four nights at the Four Seasons, land and air tours of the city, food, cash and luxury seats at the Sounders' Aug. 29 game against Toronto FC. (At one point, Sounders fans were described as the "loudest fans in MLS.")

A guy named John bid $24,450 -- which sounded high to me -- but he was the winner as the actual price was $25,253.

Graham wore a Sounders kit ... and big smile. I'm sure we'll ask him about it when the team finishes training late this afternoon.

Meanwhile, more TV soccer is coming up, as at 11:25 in the Confederations Cup on ESPN.