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Sounders at midpoint: What do you think?

I know I've been asking you guys to do a lot of writing recently ... but here with a seven-day break in the season and I'm wondering what you're thinking with the Sounders' inaugural season at its exact midpoint.

I'm especially interested because I have my own assessment in the Monday paper -- and once I was done writing, I had kind of surprised myself with how upbeat it was.

So, I'm wondering what you think of the 3-0 start and the 2-3-7 run that followed, which combine to leave the Sounders at 5-3-7 (fourth in the league by points, fifth by average points per result) with 15 down and 15 to go.

Overall, are they meeting expectations? Still exceeding expectations? Failing to meet the exptations that they raised with their early success? Or what?