Sounders Insider

Stop the presses!! It's rave green after all

For now, at least, the Sounders have decided to stick with their rave green jerseys Wednesday night in Portland.

That's the only jersey they Sounders have ever worn, but because the Timbers were green at home, the Sounders initially announced that they were going to pull out their blue alternate jerseys for the first time. However, after further review, the Sounders seem to have decided that Portland's green is so deep that there's won't be any confusion with the Sounders' rave green, and therefore Seattle now intends to wear its usual home kits: green tops, blue pants, green socks.

However, the referee gets the final say. So we won't know for sure until they take the pitch.

And speaking of kits -- which I know about half of you enjoy and about half of you can't stand -- my editor, Dale Phelps, found this story that leaks some of the English Premier League uniform changes for the coming season.