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Good chance of eventual World Cup at Qwest

Here's my story from today's paper, which deals with what I think are the very good chances that the U.S. will be awarded another World Cup by 2022, and that Seattle will be chosen as one of the host cities.

However, here's one additional long paragraph that I liked -- almost poetic really -- from David Downs, executive director of the USA Bid Committee, regarding soccer in the United States:

"You can't just look at the average attendance for an MLS game and necessarily say that's where soccer is in America. Because soccer is the group of people who will turn out for the Chelsea and Barcelona games. It's the Hispanic weekend player on the pickup fields. It's the family kicking around that may not consume soccer on the MLS level or watch the Mexican League on Univision. It's the Europhile who watches just the Premiership. But if we can manage to demonstrate to FIFA that all of those groups exist and somehow aggregate them and quantify them, then it's a heck of a story. We honestly believe that if the World Cup comes back to the United States that we'll sell five million tickets. We will literally sellout every one of the 64 matches at an average of 80,000."