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Now, which Sounders should fill out Star roster?

Here's my story from today on the MLS First XI all-star picks. I tell it mostly through the eyes of GM Adrian Hanauer, since Keller and Ljungberg weren't expansion draft guys or SuperDraft guys, but guys that the Sounders picked out from something like a worldwide pool.

Anyway, with 11 all-stars elected and seven more yet to be picked, the obvious question to build on our conversation of yesterday is what Sounders still deserve a spot on the squad?

I think good cases can be made for Fredy Montero, Osvaldo Alonso and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado ... but it's hard to imagine three Sounders out of the final seven roster spots.

So, which one -- maybe two -- Sounders are most deserving to join Ljungberg and Keller on the trip to Utah?