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Logo unveiled for 2009 MLS Cup in Seattle

Major League Soccer has unveiled the logo for its 2009 MLS Cup, which will be played Nov. 22 at Qwest Field in Seattle.

The logo is hyper-simple: a clean line drawing of the cup. The only nod to Seattle is the city's name in text below and -- I guess -- from a touch of green and blue.

Or perhaps I'm missing something, because here's what MLS has to say about it:

The new logo marks a turning point in the branding of MLS Cup. Past MLS Cup logos integrated strong visual and architectural elements of each host city while the new logo highlights the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy through a simple and elegant glyph of the trophy. This glyph will remain a consistent element in the MLS Cup logo for years to come. In the new design, the host city -- Seattle for the 2009 edition -- is symbolized by a specific typeface and color accents in the handles of the trophy.

Yeah, that's what I meant: a simple and elegant glyph.

In any case, the thing doesn't seem wildly cap- or T-shirt-friendly ... but it's inoffensive, and perhaps I'll warm up to it.

You can get a look by clicking here.