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Sounders might consider letting Montero go

The Sun newspaper of London is reporting that Sounders leading scorer and All-Star forward Fredy Montero says he has had talks over moving to Fulham FC and that "a deal could be done soon."

Montero and a translator weren't in the same place at the same time after practice today, so I couldn't ask him directly. However the Sun quotes Montero as saying "I was in touch with Fulham officials around six months ago, and now they have been in touch with me again. I find the idea of playing for their team in the next season interesting. I haven't spokenb about this situation with the officials of Seattle yet, but I suppose that once they receive a proposal there will not be any problem."

Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer said today that he hasn't formally spoken with Montero nor had any conversations with Fulham.

Hanauer said that English work permits aren't that easy to come by, so it might not be that simple for Montero to make the move even if all parties wanted it to happen.

Are the Sounders willing to let it happen before this MLS season is through? Hanauer didn't want to discuss any one player's situation, but he offered this in terms of general philosophy:

"It's certainly our policy that we want to give ourselves the best chance of winning a championship as possible," Hanauer said. "Sometimes turning a player loose gives you a better chance of winning a championship and providing opportunities for the future. Sometimes it doesn't, so each case will be addressed individually. ... The way transfer fees work, there's allocation money that comes in that then can be reinvested in more players. So, each case will be addressed individually."