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Beckham bypassed for MLS All-Stars (update)


The final All-Star additions were named this afternoon -- David Bechman not among them.

The full list is in the post above.


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Jack Bell, in this New York Times soccer blog post, asked a very basic question: Should the league's biggest star be an all-star?

That, of course, would be David Beckham, who began MLS play only last week.

My answer -- a small minority opinon, given the comments below -- was yes, Beckham should have been named.

Major League Baseball or the NBA might be able to treat the game as a reward for players who had the best first halves of the season. In MLS, it must be a showcase for fans and a display of its most-talented players.

If the MLS were a league of Seattles -- playing before involved crowds in sold-out stadiums -- I'd go the other way. But as long as MLS is also a league of Dallases and Red Bulls, the all-star game needs to be an invitation to watch as the best of MLS measures itself -- presumably positively -- with an English Premier League side.

But MLS is struggling to be noticed, dying -- hopefully not literally -- for butts in its seats and eyeballs on its broadcasts. This league needs ESPN fully involved in promotion, and I would have to take it on faith that the cable giant would want Beckham in uniform.

Did you?