Sounders Insider

Chelsea enjoys low-profile day in the Northwest

Chelsea practiced this morning at the Seahawks' training facility in Renton.

Then the team returned to their hotel in downtown Seattle. I happened to be there as the team got off the bus and filed through the lobby. For the most part, they were able to go about their business undisturbed, which Chelsea striker Salomon Kalou said was a refreshing change from their celebrity status in England.

"In London it's quite different," said Kalou, who seems to be a very nice guy (mostly meaning he was game for an interview and gave thoughtful answers.) "Here it's more quiet. People won't bother you much. In London it's more like people taking pictures every five seconds and signing autographs. Here it's more quiet and we enjoy more to be here."

Kalou said the team has heard that the Sounders are a good MLS team in the middle of its season, whereas Chelsea is just getting back to training for the coming EPL season. But he said they will take tomorrow seriously because they always want to win, and also because they want to impress their new manager, Carlo Ancelotti.

In a brief interview, Ancelotti said he feels no particular pressure as he is about to coach his first game for one of the world's great teams.

"In this work the pressure is normal," he said. "I am happy to be at Chelsea because Chelsea is a great team. I like the work of the players, they've started the season very well and they work with very good mental attitude. Tomorrow is the first game of the season, we want to start well, so it is an important game. We want to win and play well."