Sounders Insider

England will be watching, but not for a result

The Sounders just workout out on the newly installed grass field at Qwest. (I will give the FieldTurf people this much, they've got the color right. I walked out into the stadium bowl and nothing immediately registered with me as looking different.)

Unfortunately, coach Sigi Schmid decided to watch film after practice at the time he usually talks to the media ... so nothing new from him. And also unfortunately, Adrian Hanauer is watching with the Chelsea folks over at the Seahawks training facility ... so I couldn't get any word from him on the Sounders getting outbid by DC United on the U.S. Open Cup Final.

However, the morning wasn't fully wasted in that I did get a chance to chat a bit with a visiting journalist from England. I wanted to get a little sense from him about what this game means over there.

He said the EPL is watching this Chelsea four-game tour of the U.S. -- mostly it marks the Blues' first games under new manager Carlo Ancelotti. He said its unlikely anyone would be too upset if Chelsea lost tomorrow, given that it's their first game about nine time zones from home and under a new coach.

The Sounders are the only MLS team Chelsea will face on this tour of the States, which continues with friendlies against Mexico's Club America and Italy's Inter and AC Milan.