Sounders Insider

23k watch Beckham, LA move up on Sounders

David Beckham wasn't much of a factor in the 2009 MLS debut last night at Giants Stadium. At least, not on the pitch, as he didn't figure much in LA's 3-1 win.

There was at least a bump in the stands, where 23,238 showed up. That's way down from the Beckham debuts of the last two seasons; but its almost double the Red Bulls' pathetic average home attendance of 12,702 ... and presumably way over for a midweek game.

From the Sounders' point of view, the attention-getter is that LA is now up to 27 points on the season, just one behind Seattle.

In fact, while Seattle's 28 points are second-most in MLS, there are nine teams with 24 points or more ... meaning at least one of those clubs won't make the eight-team playoffs. And there are two other teams that have reached 20 points.