Sounders Insider

Yes, Sounders cup bid was for day game

Following up on the earlier report, yes, Sounders GM confirmed today that his bid for the U.S. Open Cup final would have been for an afternoon game at Qwest.

Yes, part of that is because there is a Seattle ordinance that limits the number of times two events with an anticipated combined total attendance of 65,000 or so can be held at the same time at Qwest and Safeco.

However, Hanauer notes that the Mariners often draft big weekday afternoon crowds -- especially in the summer -- and he's sure that the Sounders playing for a couple final could have drawn something close to a lower-bowl sellout even on a weekday afternoon.

Also, on a previous issue, Hanauer said his expectation is that the Open Cup winner will go on to Champions League, but that isn't firm or officially announced yet.

More later.