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Schmid on coaching someone like Beckham

The Sounders get one last local practice today at Starfire. But if my plane is right on time and the LA freeways aren't too bad, I might be at Galaxy practice instead.

Before heading out, I asked Sounders coach Sigi Schmid what it would be like to coach a player like David Beckham, someone who is not only the face of the team, but to some degree is intended to be the face of the league. Someone, frankly, who you can't really treat like any other player because he so clearly isn't just any other player. (Which was sort of the point of my story today.)

"It's different challenges all the time," Schmid said. "Sometimes it is the integration of a couple players. Sometimes it is an individual player like that. You just have to make decisions. I remember reading a coach of a famous English team saying: 'No decisions are tough decisions as long as you make them for the best of the team.' It doesn't mean they aren't hard. It just means they are easy decisions because you are doing them for what's good for the team."