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Schmid cracks the whip in training?

My little flurry of vacation days ended today, but not in time for me to get over to practice. (Sorry the blog has been relatively skimpy the past week or so, and thanks for hanging in there.)

However, reading between the lines, it sounds like Sounders coach Sigi Schmid is cracking the whip a bit after a couple of poor league performances ... which should surprise no one, least of all the Sounders.

These quotes are provided by SSFC (and I'll be there to get my own quotes Tuesday):


On Monday's training:
"It was good. We want to keep emphasizing certain things that we have maybe gotten away from in terms of moving the ball, moving off the ball a little bit quicker. That's the reason for doing some of the things we did today at training. We try to get some very game specific situations and deal with those."

On Sounders FC offensive slump: "Sometimes it's being a little firmer with them at times, demanding a little more of ourselves in training. And, sometimes, you just need that break. It's sort of like once the first one goes in then others will start to come. It's just something that you go through. All teams go through them. That's why when you look at every team's history, there's always a streak of minutes where they haven't scored a goal."

On physical condition of his players: "Freddie [Ljungberg] took a little bit of a knock. We just want to be careful with him. Tyrone [Marshall] and Jhon [Kennedy Hurtado] we took out. They are the guys we think are a little more sore for whatever reason. We just tailor their training sessions to what they need. Today is the kind of day where it is tailored a little more to what each guy needs. When you look at it, we probably had four different groups working today."

On this week's schedule: "It helps a lot to have a normal work week, a normal training rhythm. It's a big help being able to come out here today to train, tomorrow getting our weight training in, getting off on Wednesday, and coming in Thursday and Friday. To have that routine helps. It settles everybody as well."