Sounders Insider

No ghosts haunting Qwest pitch ... yet

I'm staring down at the Sounders pitch at Qwest Field, and there is absolutely no evidence that the Seahawks played an NFL game here on Saturday. No lines. No numbers. No Hawks or NFL logos. Maybe a trace of a back end-zone line behind the goals, but the pitch is pristine.

That, of course, is the promise that the Sounders have made with their fans from the beginning. No football lines on the soccer pitch.

The little wiggle room them left for themselves involves what they call "ghosting," markings that remain faintly visible even after the best efforts to scrub the field. However, as of now that doesn't appear to be a problem. I guess it's possible that it could still become an issue with repeated markings and erasings now that the MLS and NFL seasons are overlapping.

But so far so good.