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Countdown to Kickoff: Sounders @ Houston, 5:30

The long coundown has begun to the kickoff of a very big game for the Sounders and Dynamo: 5:30 our time on KONG.

To prepare:

Here' my game preview from today, largely on the stadium situation in Houston. Unfortunately, I didn't travel for this game, but I've been to Robertson before and while the stadium isn't much, I remember them having a pretty active fan base. And Sig Schmid pointed out this week that it's a thin pitch ... maybe something like San Jose, and I don't have to remind you how that turned out. And finally, as a former Southerner and even Texan, I can tell you it's hot and humid down there.

Here's the Dynamo coverage from the Houston Chronicle.

And here are the MLS standings, which are getting scarier by the moment for the Sounders. Remember: top two in each conference make the playoffs, then the next four regardless of conference. Seattle is sixth right now, but there are three teams right behind setting up a cluster of nine teams competing for eight spots. Getting even a point today could end up being crucial.