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Ljungberg expects to play Sunday

Freddie Ljungberg admits he feared the worst when he was having his memory and vision issues last week.

However, he said today that all tests came back negative, and that doctors now think the issue was some hyperglycemic reaction that can be controlled with the proper intake of food.

"My body went into starving mode and started to shut down," Ljungberg said. "It was a severe hyperglycemic state. At least now we know what was going on. If I can just get proper food hopefully nothing will happen because that's what triggers migraines. Normally I've had one migraine in 18 months and now I've had three in two months. SO we had to find what was different and that's what the doctor's think. Now hopefully we're on the right track and we can fix it."

Assuming that's correct, Ljungberg believes he should be able to travel to Texas tomorrow and play 45-60 minutes -- maybe more -- Sunday in Houston.

"He trained today. He did what everybody else did today," coach Sigi Schmid said. "But we'll see how he feels tomorrow. This is seven days. The doctors had suggested a protocol of seven to 10 days, depending on how he feels. So we'll see how he comes back tomorrow. That will make the determination about him traveling with us to Houston. Obviously if he travels with us we would expect him to play. We've got to be a little bit cautious because of the heat and the humidity down there, which can dehydrate you and with his eating and so forth and his body being in more of a sensitive state right now with what he just came off of, we've just got to be a little more cautious right now."

Here's everything Ljungberg told us today:

On recent illness: "We got the results back and we have been testing everything. So, I didn't know exactly what will come out. But, what happened in L.A. was that I got a memory loss. I didn't know anyone's name when we landed at the hotel. Because of that, they didn't want me to play yesterday. But, I will try to play a bit in Houston. At the least, I have found out why I get kind of migraine symptoms. I am hyperglycemic. It's the opposite of diabetes. So, I can't eat too much sugar. It's a bit boring but to explain it but I need long-lasting carbs and stuff instead of junk food. It's like me not eating and I starve. So, what happened on Friday is that we were traveling. Fortunately, in Europe when we traveled, we have our own chef. So, we eat all the time. When you are hyperglycemic you need to eat good food all the time. So, what we did is we went to the airport and I just got some bagels which do not really help me. When I got there [L.A.], my body crashed. That's what happens. My body goes into a starving mode and then it shuts down the organs. It's the memory that goes first. I guess it's called a severe hyperglycemic state."

On hyperglycemic condition: "There are different trigger points for the migraine. The ones that I know of are cheese and red wine. Then, as well, if you don't eat properly and you don't get the energy your body needs, that can trigger migraines as well, especially if you are hyperglycemic."

On figuring out source of illness: "It's a major relief. When I was there [L.A.], just imagine yourself sitting in a hotel room and, all of a sudden, you don't know the names on your phone. Of course, I got scared. And, you think about the worst thing: a tumor in your head or something. So, it's a big relief and to know that we can fix it."

On treatment of hyperglycemic condition: "There is no medication. I just have to eat long-lasting carbs and not junk food or sandwiches. It has to be proper food like brown rice or spaghetti with whole grains and everything. It's easily cured. You just need to know what the problem is and, because I have been so lucky in my life that there has been food around all the time, I have not really been faced with it. Now it's different. Now we know."

On chances of playing in Sunday's match: "The doctors wanted me to rest 7 to 10 days after Friday. I think Sunday is 9 days. So, it's on the verge. Hopefully, Sigi will let me play 45 or 60 [minutes], or maybe more depending on how I feel."