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Open Cup forum: Sounders win first trophy, 2-1

Final: Sounders win, 2-1. With goals from Montero and Levesque. D.C. ends up with 10 men, as goalkeeper stomps Montero after first goal.

Here's a game report. And more from

Here's some comment and fan discussion from the Washington Post soccer blog.

Here are some early quotes lifted from the FSC postgame interviews. (Note the theme of praise for Sounders fans...)


We're having a good time. Unfortunately we have had a little bit of a slip in the league recently and we haven't picked up as many points. But this is going to go a long way. Anytime you can pick up silverware in your first year in the league is tremendous. I'm proud of the guys today because we came to DC – it's a great stadium, it's a great place to play – and we got the job done. We made it a little harder on ourselves there at the end than we needed to, but it's OK. We won the game.

Look at our fan support. We brought several hundred, which is tremendous. They were loud the whole game. We owe a lot to them. Just keep coming and keep supporting us because we're proud of what the teams and the clubs and the fan clubs have done.


Obviously you dream about things like that but you're not sure that it's going to happen. But this organization is tremendous. Our fans have been tremendous. To be able to bring back the trophy and to qualify for CONCACAF Champions league next year is I think so great for our fans. ... Certainly this is something that we can take back, it's something tangible, it can be a defining moment for our team and something we can build on


It was all Sebastien Le Toux, all his hard work and effort and determination throughout the game. He won the ball from their center back, took a touch on the end line and I just made it to the back post. I was going to do everything I could not to let that slip by.


It's a lot of pieces coming together: It's commitment from ownership, management, the coaches, hard work, selecting some good players, and the guys have worked their butts off all year. And then the final component – which obviously you can here in the background – is our fans. They've been tremendous this year and I could tell that they were lifting our team throughout this game. They're' the reason we're here.

On the pregame controversy: Whatever we can do to raise the profile of the tournament … But Kevin and I are good friends. It's water under the bridge. Obviously we got the result here, so in hindsight it doesn't mean much.


I think it's important. If anyone saw the game we played against Toronto on the weekend, we were very nervous. I think a lot of people haven't been in this situation with a lot of pressure – we have to make the playoffs and it's a bit tight. After today maybe now they will be a bit more calm. We have some silverware and now we can just enjoy ourselves.

We have amazing fans. You look here, we almost have more Seattle fans than D.C. fans.

Here's are some DC quotes regarding the Wicks red card:

Josh Wicks

It was a mistake on my part and I've got to learn my lesson. The fourth official made a call and the ref made the final decision. That was it. I've got no excuses for it. Tremendously, very, very disappointing.

Coach Tom Soehn

I didn't see it, I'll have to wait and see it on the replay but some of the guys said that they saw it. Whatever, the players don't come before the team, he has got to be smarter than that. Anytime you're shorthanded you're not setting yourself up to be successful.

Midfielder Ben Olsen

We have to stay focused and be composed after goals happen. But that wasn't the story of the game I don't think. I think we were under the gun a lot and I give them a lot of credit, they've got some pretty talented guys, pretty dynamic players up top and it's a long night if you're going to try to play even number. Against a team like that we have got to be pretty prefect in that type of situation. Give them a little credit, congratulations Seattle. But on the day we had some good stuff too. If some balls bounce our way, maybe we sneak a goal and things change. I don't think it was a terrible performance from us, I thought there was some good stuff. It just wasn't our night.

Halftime: The Sounders are carving out a niche as the team that plays the most exciting wide-open nil-nils imaginable.

Once again today, lots of good chances, but we're 0-0 at half.

D.C. has had a couple of chances, but Seattle has had a half dozen: certainly a couple by Montero, including the best which might have been a head from 6 yards out on a wonderful Le Toux cross. Zakuani and Ljungberg also had good chances.

Interesting lineup with Le Toux up front for Jaqua, Vagenas at midfield for Evans, and Ianni and Wahl in the middle of the back line for Marshall and Hurtado.

Also -- giving the devil his due -- there seems to be a pretty nice crowd there, and they're into it. (And a notable spattering of rave green in there, too.)

Overriding impression: A cup final that feels like a cup final.

Pregame: I'm opening this post for in-game and postgame comment, as the Sounders go for their first trophy: U.S. Open Cup vs. defending champion D.C. United, 4:30 p.m. on Fox Soccer Channel.