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New blog system, URL at Sounders Insider

We're switching to a new blogging system here at The News Tribune and hope you'll like the changes. We also hope you'll try it out and give us your feedback.

A few of the changes you'll notice:

• We've separated content and advertising by implementing the right ad column you'll see on the rest of our site and a left content "widget" column.

• In that left column, we've added a tag cloud that shows the most blogged current topics. The tag cloud also allows us to streamline our category lists which got out-of control after awhile (sorry about that). If you'd like to know more about tags and tag clouds,

give this a read


• Also in the left column, you'll see a list of the most recent comments made to keep track of where the latest conversation activity is happening.

• In the content column, you'll find a "share this" feature on every post of the blog allowing you an easy way to email, print or blog a post or share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.

• Each post now has an individual RSS feed generated so you can keep track of comments made on an individual post by subscribing to its feed.

• You'll be seeing more embedded audio and video clips as the new system makes it easier on our bloggers to add multimedia to posts.

Unfortunately, we were unable to move our previous content over to this new system, so we're keeping the old blog alive indefinitely if you need to access past content.

The biggest benefit to switching to this new system (Wordpress, if you're curious) is that it gives us a lot of flexibility to add new features quickly and easily. So, if you've got a wish list of blog features you'd like to see, post them here and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Make sure to update any bookmarks or RSS feeds you had pointing to our old system as they will no longer work.

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If you have any trouble logging in and leaving comments, visit this link for instructions.