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Welcome to 'new' blog

mlsball1Greetings from our new home.

As you must have noticed -- since you're here -- this blog now has a new Web address. I know those can be trouble, but I'm hoping this won't be unnecessary trouble. If it's any consolation, the trouble is somewhat shared, because I'm working with new software, and it will probably take a while to settle in comfortably. However, I really think it will be worth the grief over the longer term, because while the blog looks pretty much the same outwardly, this software should make it much easier for me to add pictures and sound and video. (Some, perhaps, even more useful than that succer ball up there ... which is just me experimenting.)

I'm also in the process of putting together some good soccer links, that I hope you will find those useful.

In any case, please be patient. And hopefully by the time the Sounders return to training next week, we'll are be comfortably settled in again.