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Travel advice: Columbus or KC?

As you may have noticed, we've been picking our spots on Sounders travel this season. And as we look forward, my editors and I have been considering this question: Should we go to Sounders-at-Columbus or go to Sounders-at-Kansas City?

We finally figured since we're doing the coverage for you, we ought to involve you in the decision. So ...

mlscolumbusTraveling to Columbus would give me a chance to cover the return of Sigi Schmid to the city and team he coached to an MLS title last season. It also would give me a chance to do a feature story on Crew Stadium, which was the first of the soccer-specific stadiums and is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. I would look at the advantages of soccer-specific stadiums and try to determine why the Sounders have drawn so well without one. On the pitch, the Crew are the league's defending champions and they have climed back to the top of the table this season. This is the Sounders' third-to-last game of the year, so while there will be heavy playoff implications, this result is unlikely to be decisive.

mlskcOn the other hand, traveling to Kansas City would have us with the Sounders for their second-to-last game of the year, where I guess there is some higher mathmatical possibility of either clinching or being eliminated from the playoff race. Also, Kansas City is playing in a minor league baseball park -- an oddity -- but it also would give me a chance to update this charter franchise's plans to build it own soccer-specific stadium.

Obviously, going to both would be best of all. But since it's going to be just one, what do you think?