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Montero has bright red reminder of Cup final

Now I know exactly where Josh Wicks stomped on Fredy Montero.

And I mean exactly.

I couldn't really tell from the TV coverage: Stomach? Leg? Couldn't really tell.

So, with the Sounders back at Starfire today, I asked Montero (with teammate Taylor Graham serving as interpreter).

Montero answered by rolling up the right leg of his practice shorts. The exact spot remained clearly marked by two blood-red scrapes along his thigh -- one about 4-5 inches long, the other 2-3 inches -- both looking as bright as if they had been applied by a crimson felt marker.

Montero said he still has no idea what caused the incident: “There wasn’t really anything prior to that. From my side, I was just trying to score a goal. I had had a couple of chances and was just trying to put this away. … I scored the goal, I was really happy, and I was trying to get up. All of a sudden, I felt his studs in my thigh. I didn’t understand why it happened. I wanted to help the team win, score another goal and put the game away.”

D.C. United has said that Wicks’ actions were “unacceptable” and that he will be “subject to internal discipline.” However, if there's been any discipline it has remained internal. Wicks started Saturday against FC Dallas. I asked Sounders coach Sigi Schmid if he was satisfied with how the incident has been handled, but he didn't seem much interested in stirring up anything ... especially not with a crucial game at D.C. on Saturday.

“That’s something for U.S. Soccer to deal with. It’s something for United to deal with,” Schmid said. “It’s unfortunate that it happened. Sometimes in the heat of the moment you do things that you’re not always happy about. But it’s their issue, it’s their concern. I’ve got enough of my own concerns.”

I have more on all this in the Tuesday paper.