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Ljungberg: What he says ... and doesn't say

Here's the transcript:

On his time in London: Really nice, really nice, really nice.

On his plans for the MLS off-season: I haven’t made any plans. I haven’t decided what I want to do after the season. I’m really happy here in Seattle. Of course, there are good clubs that have been mentioned and stuff. We’ll see what happens.

On whether he might follow the model of Beckham of playing for both the LA Galaxy and an overseas club:To be honest, we’ll see what happens. I haven’t really thought about it in that way. We’ll see what happens. I’m very very happy in Seattle. We’ll see what happens.

On whether he talked to any clubs while in London: There have been a lot of speculations and stuff, but I’m not going to comment about that. I’m really happy here with everything.

Even happy in Seattle, is there a chance to do both MLS and EPL: That may be something we have to look into if that’s possiblity, so it all can be fair. It’s the way it is at the moment and I just want to emphasize that I’m really happy here.

On possibly joining the Sweden national team for the World Cup: The coach has been out talking in the papers that they want me if they qualify and stuff. But we haven’t spoken about it in person. I’ve said I’m retired. I’ve been asked 100 times about it and stuff. I have retired and I did it last summer.

On why he's happy in Seattle: It’s a totally different lifestyle for me. It’s different from playing at Arsenal or whatever the top clubs. I’ve said in interviews before it reminds me a bit about being back home in Sweden. I can walk in a track suit and look (really bad) and walk my dog and nobody minds. It’s quite nice. I like it.

So ... multiple versions of "I'm happy in Seattle." But no straight-out "I'm not interested in any other clubs after the MLS season."

And, of course, it wouldn't be purely his decision. A deal would have to be reached with the Sounders.

As of Monday, general manager Adrian Hanauer said he has not been contacted by any other club. And he assures Sounders fans that any decision he makes will be with the best interest of the club in mind.