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D.C. United's tale of two crests

D.C. United has done a lot of things right as a charter member of Major League Soccer. They were the league's first champion, they currently have its fullest trophy case, and they were the first to go with a traditional world-soccer-sounding name.

However, their first-year crest might might have been one of their missteps ... which was widely perceived to be too, well, president Kevin Payne prefers to say "German looking," although there were no shortage of news and blog reports that said "Nazi looking" instead.

International considerations aside, the eagle also happened to be one scrawny-looking bird.

In any case, we went to the horse's mouth for a story that we'll run in the Friday paper.

And here's Payne's explanation of the two crests: "There was some sensitivity to people saying, 'Well, it’s too German looking.' I don’t think anybody credible said it was Nazi looking.

"That happens to be the truth because I happened to make the decision. It was a forward look."