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Has futbol affected your football watching?

Since March, I've certainly watched more soccer than in any previous period of my life. And since August, I've noticed something: I've had a harder time watching American football -- the one with the pointy ball -- than in any previous period of my life.

I was watching NFL exhibition games that dragged on for three hours seemingly filled with an endless series of five seconds of action, followed by 40 seconds of huddling, followed by five seconds of action. And all those commercials. ZZZzzzz.

Compared to the constant play of soccer, I just couldn't get my attention to fix on the start-and-stop nature of football. A game would be on, and I'd find myself reading during the down times. A game would be on and I'd find myself clicking around with the remote during the down times. I couldn't focus on just the game.

I take no pleasure in writing any of that. I've always loved both sports.

And now I am pleased to say that this weekend has convinced me that I remain a fan of both. That Sounders-at-DC match was about as entertaining as any this season. But I was also fully involved in a dazzling weekend of NCAA and NFL football that featured not only wins by the Huskies and Seahawks, but also that thrilling UCLA win over Tennessee, and Oregon over Purdue, and Oregon State over UNLV, and then two for the ages: Michigan over Notre Dame, and USC's long last winning drive at Ohio State.

So, I think the problem was simply NFL exhibition games vs. meaningful football, rather than football vs. soccer.

But since I noticed a bit of a change -- I remain far more aware of all those huddles than ever before -- I'm wondering if any of you have noticed anything similar: Has your soccer-watching affected your football-watching?