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Why are Sounders playing better on the road?

On Sounders's road success: “I think what ends up happening is that you get to a point in the season where the home team maybe becomes a little more desperate to want to win. As a result, they sometimes open things up a little more in the back and throw people forward a little bit. So that makes it a little easier on the road to counter attack. We felt all along, with the exception of a half in Colorado and a half in Chicago and the game in San Jose, we felt in all the other road games we were competitive.”

On Sounders home games: “In the game against Toronto at home I don’t think we played very well. So throwing that game away right now, I think in some of the other home games for us it has been about finishing. If we would’ve finished against Chicago, we would’ve won that game. If we would’ve finished our opportunities against New England, we would’ve won that game. For us at home, I think we have created the opportunity, with the exception of the Toronto game, and we need to finish those opportunities that we create. We got to continue to play it tight in the back and not give anything up which we have been pretty good about thus far and make sure we finish the opportunities we get.”

On Fredy Montero: “He’s been very good for the most part. I think he had a couple of phases when he drifted away a little bit in terms of his being able to have success and score goals. But I think also, as the season has gone on, that he has really matured. One thing I liked about his performance in D.C. is something a lot of people maybe didn’t notice. He got fouled three times in the first eleven minutes of the game. He didn’t lose his composure. He didn’t react to any of that. He kept plugging away. I thought it was a very mature performance.”

On possibility of Sounders FC players playing in Europe: “I think it is in (Montero's) future. I still think there’s got to be advancements that he’s got to make in his game. I think he knows that as well. It’s great that we have players that people talk about in that context of being able to go to Europe. On the same token, we have got to focus on this season and not worry about any of those things as it deals with any player. If we have success as a team, people are going to look at why we are having success and individual players are going to get attention and notoriety.”

On MLS roster freeze: “Right now, I don’t see us making anything. But we still got an hour or two before 5 o’clock Eastern time. So you never know. But we are happy with what we have. We are happy with our group.”

(I'll update that last item if anything changes.)