Sounders Insider

Hanauer likes MLS pausing for World Cup

2010world cupSounders general manager Adrian Hanauer says he and the club are happy with the MLS decision to take a two-week pause in its 2010 season during group play in the World Cup.

"I think it’s the right thing to do," Hanauer said this morning as the Sounders trained at Qwest Field. "I think it’s another step in the right direction for our league. It was a discussion at the competition-committee level and then the board of governors. I think it’s great. Those players that play can go without worrying about their club team. Staffs can actually go to the World Cup for a while and not leave things a complete mess at home during a bunch of games. And quite frankly, (Sounders FC likes) to give our players chunks of time off during the year anyway. It might be a couple of extra days beyond what we would normally do, but it works well in our scheme."

Hanauer, who is a member of the competition committee, said a break for the entire run of the 2010 World Cup would have been impractical in an MLS schedule that fits 30 league games into a season running from mid-March to late October.

"I’m sure people raised that issue, but it’s just not possible in our current format," he said. "It wouldn’t have made sense for us to take a month-long break. You’d effectively have had to have a new preseason. We have too many games in too short a period of time to try to cram that many more into a shorter time period."