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Schmid will use break to attend World Cup

He not only supports the decision, but he hopes to take advantage of it to catch a few games in South Africa.

"I wish they would’ve done it in Germany in 2006 because that would have made for a nice trip. It’s a lot easier to get to Germany than it is to get to South Africa. I think it’s a good decision because the fans, there is so much activity in the opening rounds of the World Cup, that fans’ attention are drawn to that. So it allows the fans to focus on that and then come back to MLS. The other thing it does too is I think it allows the MLS staffs, the from office staffs, to be able to go to a World Cup and get away a little bit. It’s like recharging the batteries. When you are able to get there, you get the excitement of the World Cup and you go like, 'Yeah! this is what it's all about.' It re-motivates you when you go back home. And I think in the past in World Cups, the New York office has been able to get across and take vacations during World Cups, but the rest of us were stuck here working the whole time. So it's nice to be able to join them a little bit."

And even without a break in 2006, Schmid said he was able to dart across to his homeland to catch one game.

"I got on a plane on Sunday morning, flew in, saw the first U.S. game against the Czech Republic, and then I missed on practice the next day as I flew back," he said. "One day in, one night's sleep, get back home, just to catch a game. At least it won't be that bad this time, and I can plan it and maybe catch a few games."

And there was no surprise about what games he'd most like to catch:

"The U.S. or Germany," he said. "Sometimes it depends on the locations of the venues and who's close by. Obviously, when the U.S. plays Germany I want the U.S. to win. And when Germany plays somebody else I want Germany to win, because that's my heritage. But I'm always for the U.S. and that's my first choice, to see them play."