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Sounders to open 2010 hosting Philly?

PhillycrestThe full 2010 MLS schedule won't be out until early next year. However, every team's home opener will be announced early ... apparently any day now. (Remember the early announcement last year that the Sounders would play in the league's First Kick game against New York?)

Well, with the announcement coming up, rumors also are popping up. And Washington Post soccer writer Steven Goff reports hearing that the Sounders will one again host the league's kickoff game, this time against the expansion Philadephia Union. (Here's Goff's soccer blog).

Even if the Sounders do start at home again for the second consecutive season, GM Adrian Hanauer told me last week that he hopes next season's schedule isn't quite as front-loaded with home games as is the current schedule -- for which the Sounders' are now paying the price with three of their last four on the road.

"We don’t know the finished product yet," Hanauer said. "We are hopeful that we are going to be able to balance it a little bit better. That was one of our objectives with this next schedule. ... So I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to balance home and away better. And also we prefer Saturday evenings as much as possible, so that will factor into what the schedule looks like. But we have a good sense of the Mariners schedule now, the Seahawks’ filling in, and now we can start to put it all together."