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Grass likely for Toronto, unlikely for Qwest

However, it appears that is about to change at BMO Field. Here's an update.

But as part of a wide ranging (and I think, very interesting) conversation I had recently with general manager Adrian Hanauer (which appears in our Wednesday paper) it appears grass is not in the immediate future for Qwest. And maybe not in the distant future either.

I've been told conflicting things about whether the Seahawks would like grass or not. But I've heard agreement on reports that the issue is moot for now because apparently those wonderful tight sightlines at Qwest and that convenient roof combine to keep the sun off enough of the field for long enough to make growing a good pitch very difficult. One official estimated that parts of the field would have to be re-planted three times a year.

Here's what Hanauer had to say about the possibility of grass at Qwest:

“I don’t think so. Given the use. Given the way the stadium was built and some of the challenges relative to sunlight and keeping the field pristine. Also the fact that obviously there’s a pretty big NFL team that plays here and their preference on surface certainly carries a lot of weight. We’re happy with the surface. We think it’s a great FieldTurf field. At the margins, is grass perhaps a little desired? Sure. But I’d rather play on this field than a mediocre grass field.”